Victor Harshbarger Photography


In his professional work focusing on interiors and architecture, Victor Harshbarger works collaboratively with designers and architects to create dramatic images that enhance the design and structural features of a space. Focusing on quality over quantity and primarily using natural light, Victor is known for working with
each individual designer to create images that skillfully emphasize their
unique character and stylistic decisions.

Born and raised in Georgia, Victor’s passion for photography ignited when
he got his first camera at the age of 11. In high school, he fell in love with
working in the darkroom and the revelation of the latent image. He began
seriously studying the craft, shooting on film and honing darkroom

Victor continued to study photography in college, along with painting and
drawing, and received a B.A. in Studio Art from the University of Georgia.
After graduation, he joined the burgeoning film business in Atlanta, working
in the art department, set design, and props. He also began assisting
established photographers in the Atlanta area, refining his skills in interior

Eventually, Victor’s career took him to New York, where he gained
notoriety as an interior photographer in his own right and became
fascinated with the creative freedom of augmenting and enhancing various
aspects of design with the camera.

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